Every culture has some version of the empanada; the English pasty, Indian gujiya, Italian calzone. In many ways its origin and culture is reveled in what lays within those breaded folds. It is the art of the empanada.Like all great art, the empanada is a rich mixture of culture and tradition. Influenced by Indian and Arab dishes, this tasty turnover was originally created in Spain and introduced to Latin America in the early days of the Spanish settlement.

Now a staple across Latin America, the empanada has become a culture in and of its own.Heading south, the Argentines have mastered the art of the empanada. These little pockets delight the city streets with a rich aroma. The perfect blend of sautéed onions, peppers, slow cooked meats, and ripe olives are gracefully packaged within the flaky layers of dough. The artist carefully leaving his mark within the intricate folds; commonly referred to as the repulgue.

These little pockets of delicious have made their way North and we take great pride in adding our special touch to the art that it the empanada.